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The purpose of this document is to provide the testimony of witnesses who provided information to the Warren Commission, either by appearing before the Commission or participating in a deposition proceeding with one or more of the Commission's assistant counsels.

The user should consider the following:

bullet Not all individuals providing information appeared before the Commission. By the Commission's account, 552 individuals provided information.
bullet 94 individuals provided sworn, but un-cross-examined testimony, before the Commission.
bullet 395 individuals provided sworn, but un-cross-examined, testimony through a deposition proceeding conducted by one, or more, of the Commission's assistant counsels.
bullet 61 individuals provided sworn affidavits to the Commission.
bullet 2 individuals provided statements to the Commission.

On the various page groupings the navigational lists of witnesses are compiled in alphabetical order. On the introductory page of each grouping is a table with the witnesses for that group arranged in chronological order, thereby providing a view as to when that witnesses information was acquired by the WC in relation to any other witness.