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The assassination of John F. Kennedy was not only a capital crime, but one which burgled Americans of their presidential vote - for on 22 November 1963 the government of the United States was changed, with no open polls, nor any votes cast. In the assassination's aftermath, the Warren Commission was established, ostensibly, to investigate the murder. Today its conclusions, regardless of one's personal view of them, echo long after the sound of gunfire in Dealey Plaza.

The material on this site represents a portion of my efforts to better understand what transpired in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and the subsequent work of the Warren Commission.

The intent of presenting the information in this forum is to assist others who may have similar interests. If you share that interest, I hope you find this web site valuable.

You'll not find many answers…but, perhaps, additional questions.

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Test Your Knowledge of the JFK Assassination
by jwm
Test your knowledge of the JFK Assassination...a series of quizes you can take on-line....

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